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    EXCLUSIVE: “Channon Christian in a Girls Gone Wild video”

    Channon Christian may have been just another of sexy Ghetto Bragging Rights superstar Lemaricus Davidson’s white girls a long running GBR street investigation finds.

    Channon allegedly met Lemaricus at a dance where she wanted to freak dance with some dangerous black males. In the house were both Lemaricus & Letalvis Davidson.

    “With Lemaricus in front and Letalvis behind her, Channon put it down. She wanted to prove that she could go,” one source says. “In order to get the invite back to join them on Chipman street that’s the way it had to go down.”

    “Lemaricus is the kind of brother who can have any white woman he wants. He’d already been through a number of Knoxville’s uppercrust white girls and had a choice white girl already on his arm at the time he and Channon were suppose to hook-up,” another Knoxville Ghetto Bragging Rights source says.

    Lemaricus’ reputation of pulling white females came to ahead, this week, when Knoxville Criminal Trial Specialist Phil Lomonaco accused the U.S. Attorney’s Office and law enforcement of letting another of Lemaricus’ white girlfriends, identified as Daphne Sutton, walk away scot-free.

    The Davidson brothers, both of whom with qualifying prior criminal histories, first rose to Ghetto Black Male Felon Bragging Rights celebrity after the January slayings.

    With the trial of Eric Boyd now under way, Ghetto black male celebrity felon and anti black poverty champ St. nicolas Thief is said to be be coordinating a 2nd Knoxville Carjacker party to raise defense and commissary funds for the defendants.

    In May 2007, Thief’s efforts to raise defense and commissary funds for the defendants reportedly
    raised a little over $7,000.


    Eric “Dwayne” Boyd Earns Ghetto Bragging RIghts

    Eric ‘Dwayne’ Boyd, is now the fourth of the Knoxville carjackers to rise to Ghetto Black Male Felon celebrity status and be honored with the Ghetto Black Male Felon Bragging Rights.

    His fellow co-defendants: Lemaricus Davidson and Letalvis Cobbins both ranked as early as Februrary in the Ghetto Bragging Rights competitions for their alleged roles in the January 2007 slaying of Christian and her boyfriend, Timothy Newsom. In late July, the third carjacker, George Thomas, received the qualifying number of votes and was awarded the Rights. But, now, with the firey courtroom challenge to the parents Channnon Gail Christian telling them to “Bring It Own,” Boyd struck-a-chord with many in the GBR community who weren’t familiar with him and made a bold entrance into the competitions .

    “Boyd’s always been the quiet one in the bunch,” a Knoxville GBR member states. “But on the block he goes just as hard as Lemaricus. Anyway, to even run with that clique, you had to have a certain street reputation anyway. Couldn’t just anybody hang out with Lemaricus and Letalvis. “

    lemaricus_davidson.jpg Criminal Trial Specialist Phil Lomonaco lays it bare: Lemaricus Davidson, was dating a white woman.

    Lomonaco uses that relationship, however, to turn up the racial heat on authorities, accusing the U.S. Attorney’s Office and law enforcement of letting Davidson’s white girlfriend, identified in the motion as Daphne Sutton, walk away scot-free.

    “The government has purposefully and unconstitutionally singled Mr. Boyd out for prosecution for his race,” the attorney wrote. “(Sutton), who is a white female and whose (uncle) is a Knoxville police officer, escaped indictment and prosecution.”

    Assistant U.S. Attorneys David Jennings and Tracy Stone have until Wednesday to file a response to Lomonaco’s motion. Knoxville Police Department spokesman Darrell DeBusk declined comment, citing Boyd’s upcoming trial.

    Christian, a University of Tennessee student, and Newsom, a Pellissippi State student, were out on a date Jan. 6, 2007, when they were accosted by armed suspects who initially demanded Christian’s Toyota 4-Runner but wound up forcing the couple inside a home on Chipman Street where Davidson lived.

    Sutton’s name also was on that lease, although it is not clear from court records whether Sutton still lived there at the time of the slayings. At least one neighbor has said Sutton and Davidson had split up before Christian and Newsom were held hostage inside the home, beaten, tortured, raped and slain.

    Lomonaco alleges in his motion that hours before the carjacking Sutton tried to borrow rubber gloves from a neighbor for Davidson and two of his alleged slaying cohorts. Lomonaco also claims in the motion that Sutton was inside the Chipman Street house while Christian was still alive.


    “Davidson gives his girlfriend Daphne clothing and jewelry belonging to Channon Christian on that date,” Lomonaco wrote.

    Sutton, not Boyd, hid Davidson for two of the four days he was on the lam, the motion alleges. It was Boyd, however, who led authorities to Davidson. Court records show Boyd admitted buying Davidson food and allowing him to use his cellular phone after the slayings.

    At least two of the slaying suspects have implicated Boyd in the deaths, although he is only charged as an accessory.

    In Lomonaco’s view, Sutton could have been charged alongside slaying suspect Vanessa Coleman, a black woman charged in the slayings who was dating Davidson’s brother, also accused in the killings.

    “If Vanessa Coleman has been noticed with the death penalty in state court for, according to all the discovery provided to the defense, merely being in the house and checking for a pulse, why is Daphne Sutton not charged as an accomplice when she received personal items belonging to the victim?” Lomonaco wrote.


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