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    It promises to be the ugliest day in America’s racial history since the Jena Six marches. But, concerning race, ugly stains on America’s dresses aren’t the exception. Personally, I’d like a day when the races didn’t speak to each other.

    sterling_coleman_bole.jpgOutsted Yacub13X minister Elohim Belial is urging black Americans to recognize June 21st, 2008 (the first day of summer) as the first national Don’t Speak to White People Day.

    And one major black organization is already casting it’s support.

    Harlem Dyse, of the National Black Anarchists, says his group will honor National White Out day and his members will reserve June 1st, 2008 as a day when they will not speak to white people.

    Why should blacks observe a day of not speaking to white people?

    Dubbed: National White Out Day, Belial says: “It is necessary because we are wed to She and He who expects us to continue our recognition of the great work done with sunlight that demonstrates the separation between the races.”

    “How do we know the we have entered the new era of God where, as Sterling Coleman, the author of the Book of Life says: sins are no longer forgiven and prayers are no longer heard?” Belial asks. “Yet in this transitional stage between the Bible’s expiration and the Book of Life’s inception, we can turn to words offered by Jesus stating:

    for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

    God’s words are known by His actions. For the same light falling on the evil verses the good are no more. Yes, God has made His holy light discriminate between us blacks and those whites.”More so, Belial says, God wants to here from His people.

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