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    1. Slavery Get Over It!

    Because whites have failed to educate or intentionally not educated themselves on how their forefathers’ racial hate, greed & perversions directly affect our social and psychological well being today doesn’t mean that they should not be held accountable for them.

    “Don’t let white people steal our victimization. Not only have we overcome each and every obstacles mankind set before us, we still deserve our reparations too. We are victims. We don’t have to get over slavery until what is due is is paid. Note: white people didn’t give us the civil liberties we enjoy today, we fought for them, died for them and took them. Ultimately, four hundred years of slavery equals four hundred years of freedom. My ancestors were slaves. Their labor paid for my free car every four years and new house every twelve. My My skin color is my receipt.

    2. Africans Sold Africans into Slavery!

    African inhumanity to Africans doesn’t justify what the West did.

    3. Slavery has existed in every culture all throughout history!

    No other slave trade in our recorded history has been as bad as the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade through which our ancestors were enslaved. Racism, for example, is the concept of the West. So, while slavery had existed throughout our recorded history, the dehumanization accompanied with racism was never attached to it before.

    4. Thank God for the Sickle Cell!


    Notwithstanding, Sickle Cell remains nature’s (god’s) answer to Malaria. The cell in the Negro changed shape to accomodate his existence. To ensure he would continue to exist. Isn’t that something? Without Sickle Cell blacks wouldn’t have survived to this day.

    “Thank God for Sickle Cell” – the Sun of God’s reproach says. If it hadn’t been for the cell changing into the shape of the sickle, the African population you stole from wouldn’t have existed; and, we wouldn’t be beside you today. Sickle Cell is regressive among our population. All other cancers can be prevented by diet and environment … but not skin cancer (basal and sqaumous cell carcinomas and melanomas).

    That superiority based on your skin has really turned out to be your Bloody Albatross. You can’t go outside in the sun. You can’t even hide indoors. More? Sun blocks and sun screens don’t prevent the plague andin some cases foster it along. Can you imagine having to rub on something synthetic to protect you from the natural.

    5. I don’t owe you anything! My ancestors didn’t own slaves!

    But the white man does owe. Whether or not he will pay is the question. Regardless of whether they man up to their historical injustices, they won’t steal my victimization; and, I won’t ignore or act as though it doesn’t exist.

    Claiming my (our) victimization is not about hand outs and not being able to let go of the past. It is about knowing the difference between righteousness and unrighteouness and holding the unrighteous accountable for what their deeds.

    There were / are global benefits to all whites (worldwide) from the Slave Trade and the institution of racism. Whites’ refusal to pay what they owe only makes them the child of their forebearers.

    Blacks don’t have it distorted. White people haven’t given blacks anything. All Civil & social rights we gained our people fought and sometimes died for. While nobody expects you to do what’s rightBut, your continued wickedness is just as deserving of exposure as your former corruption.

    Contributing authors: Waldorf Caruthers, Sleugh Crooks & St. Nicolas Thief; edited by Julius Perkins-Jones


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