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    What’s the most common thing privileged white girls do when they get mad at their daddies: A) drugs & black males;
    B) all of the above:
    Hence, Channon Christian & Lemaricus Davison.
    Outside of anger, however, there is also the distinct possibility, the one which I and many other brothers believe, that Channon Christian’s relationship with Lemaricus Davidson and Letalvis Cobbins is the result of a growing national trend among white girls and women. “White peple’s black male sex fetish dates back to slavery and is not isolated to white women. Too, most white men desire black male sexuality. The problem is white people’s fetish for black male sexuality has evolved. While in slavery they only wanted our sex, whites of this day and age feel being robbed, raped and killed is the only way they can be fufilled (satisfied),” says Ghetto Bragging Rights publisher Kirkland Perkins. “This often has tragic results for young brothers like Lemaricus and Letalvis who fall prey to these women and men’s perverted lusts.”

    QUESTON FOR GARY CHRISTIAN: Gary, do you know whether or not your daughter has ever dated or been involved with a black man?

    Now that the behavorial charachteristics of affluent white girls who get mad at their daddy’s has been established, what are the behavorial characteristics of New Age brothers who get angrier at the white man?

    When White Girls Get Mad at their Daddies & When New Age Brothers get Angrier at The White Man is/was actually the title of this post.

    While the blogosphere is buzzing with the news that the Knoxville blacks’ candlelight vigil and commissary fund raiser for Eric Boyd and the other Knoxville5 cast members, New Age brothers in Knoxville who have successfully spotted Gary Christian, father of Channon Christian, say his dry skin and moles made him ripe for the skin cancers and melanomas.

    “Gary Christian’s hides his eyes behind those sun shades because he fears our melanomas in his eyes. He knows blacks have and are spotting him for the spblothens. But if our eyes should miss him our God will smite him with the itch and The Sores That Don’t Heal. For, his skin sins before the Sun of God are an abomination,” says local Knoxville sun worshiper Yusef Kahleed.

    So, Gary Christian has a rising melanoma and, we believe, Channon Christian is dead because of perverted fetish she had for drugs and black male thug sex. Whether she was acting out in anger against her daddy and using drugs and ghetto black male thug sex to get back at him, may never be known.

    The original title of this post was “When White Girls Get Mad at their Daddies & When New Age Brothers get angrier at The White Man. It ended up being: When White Girls Get Mad at their Daddies & Gary Christian’s Melanoma.

    Sleugh Crooks

    This is an exciting article! Noting the metamorphosis this column’s title gone through, I thought it necessary to share my first thoughts post my read of it. Of course, by the title you know I thought of the Seinfield episode where Jerry was talking Dirty to a broad, and she says something abount panties, then he responds with something like, “oh, you mean the ones your mom laid out for you?”

    Speaking of Seinfeld, remember Michael Richard nigger tirade? This article made me think of that too.



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