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    Experiencing child molestation in Catholicism is a rite of passage as opposed to the non Catholic view of it as a criminal perversion. See Below:

    “Hi, I just want you to know you’re right in your series: All Catholic Priests Pedophiles; All Catholic Boys Molested.

    We offer our little boys up for molestion,” one alleged Catholic father who communicated with us his story in relation to our on-going series: All Catholic Priests Pedophiles; All Catholic Boys Molested.

    “But there some things you should know. Molestation in Catholicism is a Rite of Passage,” he alleged. “The boys who are successfully molested receive the true instructions of our Ascetic Theology. While the boys who can’t endure are left behind.

    “The Pope’s visit to the United States to denounce our molestation is a gesture that symbolizes we have met the level of perversion neccessary to satisfy Papacy and the Vatican.

    “Only the weaker children will tell. and, the greatest thing is satisfying the great thirst of our God and the Vatican. All good and healthy Catholic boys have been christened by their priests. “

    Pedomongers & Warophiles

    President Bush met with Pope Benedict today in Washington.

    The meeting, because of the rarity of which the Pope travels to the United States and because of the large number of his followers here, is said to have historic value.

    Let’s see if we can define this moment in time correctly: the world’s greatest war monger & and the world’s greatest pedophile met in Washington, today. Their goal: to share their vision of the world with each other.

    Outside of CNN’s blurb, I didn’t hear much about the details of their meeting; and, I didn’t want to.

    There was some concern one of them expressed about the saftey of Christians in Iraq.

    After learning of the historic meeting and seek to help properly define it, I wasn’t sure who, between the two of them, is the more influential: the war monger or the pedophile.

    For, history will certainly need new words to describe this event.

    If Pope Benedict is the more influential of the two, the meeting should be dubbed The Great Day of The Pedimonger. Using the same principle of word division and re-assembly, if Bush’s presense is more important, the meeting should be dubbed: The Great Day of the Warphile.

    In either case, the little boys in the weaker countries of the world have reason to tremble: George W. Bush Jr and Pope Benedict met behind closed doors today.


    “Child molestation in the Catholic Church is a Rites of Passage” – Harlem Dyse


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