“Suicide’s Sexy! Let’s Have Suicide Sex! GodDamn! What a Glorious Mess:
“literally, not figuratively HOT!”

Are Middle Eastern women, who are suicide bombers, sexier than American women because they are willing to blow themselves up for what they believe in?

As fashionable as Calvin Klein and sexy as Tom Cruise: this is concept of the suicide bomber in modern day Palestine and the Middle East. So much so that it is being said that Palestinian men and women – when compared their American conterparts – who, most often, find themselves sexy for their make-up, muscles, petite waistlines, clothes, money and other possesions – are “literally, not figuratively hot.” Thus, the phrase: sexy suicide bombers, literally not figuratively hot, as it is becoming increasing popularized in urban settings, is meant to not only communicate ones appeal for something i.e. that’s suicide bomb worthy or I’d suicide bomb for that; but, too, to demonstrate “the fragile American ego, which fights for nothing, yet has it all,” Jewelry Nigger, the nationally acclaimed spoken word performer, who coined it said. He’s paying for sharing his insightful and metaphoric denunciation, though, as lhe’s fallen under the microscopes of iberal and conservative politicians and government watchdog groups who moniter people for potentially terroristic activity.

The flaw in the Western concept of beauty is it focuses on the external.  The culture giving birth to white Western women, for example, provides them nothing to develop their moral charachter. The result is the psychologically disfigured white woman. Her beauty is found in the color of her hair, eyes and skin.

So yes, Middle Eastern women who blow themselves up for human rights are literally hotter than Western women whose figurative hotness is only attainable through such things as lip sticks, wigs, tanning beds and mascaras, Nigger says.