Eve Carson & Privileged White Flaunt


PRIVILEGED WHITE FLAUNT? carson_slave_owner.jpg

Is your Privileged White Flaunt tempting enough to get you kidnapped, assaulted, robbed, raped and/or killed? If not, you might need upgrade your possessions and flaunt a little bit harder.

I lifted this from UnderprivilegedJournalism. I’s a combination of parts I, II & III they’re running exposing the new Privileged White Flaunt (PWF) craze:

They call it Privileged White Flaunt.

One of the best documented cases is the 2005 Christmas Eve slaying of Savannah, Georgia’s debutante sweetheart Jennifer Ross.

privileged_white_flaunt.jpg It is alleged, until her slaying, Ross was part of a circle of affluent whites who played Privileged White Flaunt shamelessly.

“Flaunting our possessions around underprivileged and impoverished blacks reinforces the feelings of superiority we are suppose to have,” a white student who claims to be part of a UNC society of Privileged White Flaunters says. “We know we are better. It is what our founding fathers wanted for us.”

In the case of Eve Carson, it was allegedly her turn to race her high powered and fully loaded 2005 Toyota Highlander through an area where she perceived dangerous, underprivileged, black, male felons to be.


But, according to sources, she along several other gamers had established personal relationships with some of the underprivileged blacks they flaunted their possessions before.

Some suspect this resulted in her slaying.

Privileged White Flaunt Confessions: I


“Sure, I’ve done drive-by Privileged WhiteFlaunts in the so-called ‘hood on the ghetto niggas before. We called ‘em PWFs. I’d even done them at hours others of my stature wouldn’t because of the violence we’d heard about frequently taking place in the black neighborhoods we flaunted in.

I stress that point because many of my friends didn’t have the balls to PWF during the hours I did it and in the neighbor- hoods I did it in.

It started while in my fraternity in college. (More …)