“Wherever you commit your act from on this day, we will join in the heavens above the earth and spit and urinate down upon her.”

“We will paint the earth with our blood to let her know our disdain for her; and, also, taint forever the name of Earth Day in the mouths of the her murderers. Not only is the earth to be despised, but her murderers are to be despised too! No we do not love the earth. But we also hate her murderers.”

From a source claiming to be on the inside of the super secret sect of spiritual leader Duke Blacke’s Cult of Renegade Conservative Christians, details of an official Earth Day mass suicide are continuing to unfold.

And, get this: the editorial team at this publication notified authorities and received the response: we are aware of no Earth Day Mass Suicide conspiracy.

According to the reported source: Master Duke Blacke has successfully eluded the mass media’s scrutiny for two decades and, while followers martyr themselves on national and international holidays in a cultish sacrifice every year, this is the first call for any mass action.

Earth Day was founded by John McConnell in 1969. Son of an independent evangelist, John McConnell was born in Davis City, Iowa on March 22, 1915. His interest in religion, science, and peace has resulted in a number of projects and personal efforts to relieve human suffering and promote the common good. His interest has been in understanding human potentials and in seeking solutions to the crucial problems facing civilization.

“The earth is not a place where peace is suppose to occur,” of McConnell, Blacke is reported as saying. “McConnell and his mission of ultimate capitalism and neo global rape of the earth’s unspoken resources will be exposed on their observances, this year. Together we will both rebel against the earth and stain its name to the imposters who piously serenade her. Wherever you commit your act from on this day, we will join in the heavens above the earth and spit and urinate down upon her.”

The Cult of Renegade Conservative Christians is estimated to now have hundreds of thousands of followers internationally. “We are taught to shun the media attention at all costs.”

“We are encouraged to protest in pairs. One is the Keeper and one the Cleaner. The commited Keeper will perform the blasphemy; and, then the Cleaner will hide the act so that it may not be distorted. Yet, we will paint the earth red; and, our numbers will be known!” The source cited.